The $1000 Garden Makeover Competition has ended!

Hi all,

That's it, the registration for the $1000 Garden Makeover Competition has closed. I hope you manged to get in on time, because there is one very lucky that is going to get the Christmas present of a lifetime: a brand new garden!

It is now my turn to do some work and sort out all the entries. I have already started looking through them, and I have to tell right away: My job is NOT easy right now. With so many grat entries, it's going to be hard to choose only one!

I have already through some amazing stories, and I have even read some peoms! You guys have gone the extra mile, and it is quite understandable.

Quite interestingly, I have had entries form Avalon, Bilgola, Palm Beach, Newport, and Bayview. The range of wishes goes from some garden maintenance, to garden cleanup, to garden desging ideas, and new garden planting.

But one thing comes back all the time: it's do great to have a nice garden to spend Christmas in!

Anyway stay tuned, because I will announce the winner very soon!

Until then, enjoy your summer!