Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance costs can easily blow out in summer

Discover the Simple Way to Control Your Maintenance Costs Without Compromising the Looks of Your Garden… and Get Tons of FREE Bonuses in the Process!

Managing your gardening can be quite a headache sometimes. If you are the kind of person who likes have your friends over every now and then, you know it is important to keep your garden tidy at all times.You have to plan ahead, and keep on top of everything, because you cannot always have a quick fix.

he problem is in the high season, everything is growing so fast, including the weeds. So you constantly need hedging, weeding, mowing etc… I mean, how would you look if your garden was untidy when your guests arrive?

So it could come as a shock when the bill arrives at the end of the month. With these fluctuations, how can you plan your budget ahead? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew in advance how much you have to spend without having to compromise with the end result?

The good news is there is a solution. Introducing…..

The All-in-One Complete Garden Maintenance Program with a Fixed Monthly Payment.

A qualified gardener that is also friendly and meticulous is always a plus

We have specifically crafted two maintenance plans for people like you who don’t like nasty surprise. And there is even more to it than just garden maintenance. When you sign up for one of our packs, you will get plenty of Free Bonuses on top of it! This is a complete no brainer: you will never have to worry about your garden or any end of month blow outs again! Right here is your guaranteed peace of mind!

We have created two different packages depending on your garden needs:

  • The Gold ‘All Inclusive’ Pack
  • The Silver ‘Peace of Mind’ Pack

What they have in common is that you will pay one fixed monthly fee all year round. And because we want reward for planning ahead, we also offer more amazing savings:

  • 5% off your monthly fee for upfront monthly payment
  • 10% off for an upfront yearly payment

Now check the all special features included in each packs.

Gold ‘All Inclusive’ Pack:

  • Weekly visit by our expert maintenance team
  • Complete weed control management
  • Complete pest control management
  • A yearly feeding program for all plants
  • Free Green Waste Removal (No extra tip fees)
  • Free supply of insecticides, fertilizers, and weed control products
  • 10% Discount on all non included supplies (plants, soil, mulch, compost…)
  • Free Delivery for all supplies
  • Free one hour Garden Design consultation

And a very special Bonus: One Free Plant every single month. That a value of $239.oo/year!

Click here to find out your monthly payment.

Silver ‘Peace of Mind’ Pack:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly visit by our expert maintenance team
  • Free Green Waste Removal (No extra tip fees)
  • Free supply of insecticides, fertilizers, and weed control products

Click here to find out your monthly payment.

We can also quote for custom jobs like garden makeovers, plant outs, one off garden clean ups, garden design, landscape installation.

Also, to ensure your total 100%satisfaction , we promise you that…

  • We will always leave your place clean and tidy
  • We will collect all green waste and dispose of it responsibly
  • We will never blow the leaves on the street
  • We will always apply the best horticultural practices
  • We will answer all your questions
  • We will always use professional equipment
  • We will always act with the safety of every one as a priority