Garden Design

A successful garden design is critical to achieve your ideal garden

“ The Best Kept Secret for a Successful Garden Design ”

What’s better than an ideal garden to complement your ideal home? If you are like me, your answer is: nothing!

But what’s YOUR ideal garden? It might be vibrant, colourful, enticing, or maybe secluded, peaceful, relaxing.

In fact, each one of us will have a different list to reflect our choice of lifestyle and our personality.

What difference it would make to your life if your garden was THE most comfortable place in your home?
Think about this. A beautiful garden creates beautiful experiences. Just imagine the best birthday parties, the weekend barbies with

friends, the quiet afternoons reading a book with the sea breeze or the warm feeling of the sunset on your skin…. Picture it? Well I hope you do, because I am going to tell the best kept secret for a successful garden design:

It starts with YOUR vision!

Let me clarify this for you. The truth is few landscape designers understand the importance of their customers’ vision when creating an outdoor space.

You could have an award winning garden with the most stunning features and the most spectacular plants ever. It’s still not a successful garden if it doesn’t represent the ideal garden you had in mind. Simple as that.

Your vision and how you communicate it is what determines how successful your garden design will be

Your garden design has to be you, have your personality! That how you make it comfortable. You have heard the saying “you buy a house, but you make it a home”. It is exactly the same with your garden!

Make it your own!

You see, at Green Gardenz, we don’t want to create garden plan that don’t match your vision. We don’t want to push styles and ideas on you. The only thing we want to do is to capture your vision from your mind and turn it into your dream garden.

That’s why we created a completely unique approach to Garden Design. Quite often, Landscape Designers will initiate the process with an “Initial Consultation”.

Instead, we have devised a creative 12 steps process called the “Design for Success Formula”. It allows YOU to easily and systematically communicate your vision with us. Through this unique customer focused approach, we are able to guarantee your total satisfaction.

In fact, we want to go even further. For all of our garden designs, we have a

“ Risk Free Double Guarantee ”

  1. “What-You-Get-Is-What-You-Want” Guarantee. That means we will provide unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied.
  2. % Money Back” Guarantee. In the unlikely event you are still not satisfied, we will promptly pay all your money back.