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Pierre Lodygensky - Landscape Designer

Pierre Lodygensky – Landscape Designer

Hi, my name is Pierre Lodygensky and I am the proud founder of Green Gardenz Pty Ltd.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about us before we get any further.

I am originally from France, and back in 2001-02, I was travelling around the world, having the time of my life. When I eventually set foot in Sydney. I didn’t know much at all about Australia to be honest, but I gotta tell you, I had the shock of my life. What a great beautiful city!

You see, being an outdoor fanatic, I have never felt completely at ease with the city life. But I am no feral either!

So, when I discovered the Pittwater and its magnificent coast line, I immediately thought to myself: “ This is it !” The amazing lifestyle with the beaches, the bay, and the bush, only a short drive away from the city. That is just amazing!

And as they say: the rest is history. I have lived in the Pittwater area since then, became Australian and I sill think this is the best move I have made in my life.

This is also at this moment in time that I actually started working in gardens. I mean, is there any better way to celebrate this very special place than create and maintain what really is the cornerstone of our incredible and unique lifestyle?

So I started my own business and went to TAFE to study Horticulture and Landscape Design. And after 6 years in business, I am still as passionate if not even more about bringing the best the Pittwater can offer to a growing number of happy residents.

Since day one, I set myself the goal of bringing the best quality of services I could at all times. I mean you cannot settle with second best when you are surrounded with such natural beauty. You have got to do your best to try and match it, and respect it.

Pierre Lodygensky studied Landscape Design at TAFE

Sadly, after some time working in this environment, I started to hear all these stories about residents being conned by rogue operators and the poor standards of workmaship.

At first, I was shocked and surprised, and I thought, well, it must be just a few exceptions. Unfortunately, as time passed, I kept hearing more and more horror stories about the lack of accountability and reliability of the contractors in the landscaping industry.

That’s was always pretty sad to hear, and I started to realise it was actually affecting me. I was wondering why people had such I negative biased when I first interacted with them. All these unscrupulous operators were actually giving a bad name to the all industry.

So when I approach new prospects, I have to prove myself even more before I even open my mouth, because you would assume I am here to make a quick buck and disappear. Pretty sad and unfair, don’t you think ?

Well, I thought I could do something to change that. All you need to know is that there are a few mistakes you can make that can cost you enormously. In fact, I have narrowed it down to 7 most common mistakes home owners make when landscaping their backyard.

So what I did is I have together a report that list these 7 mistakes and I have also explained simple ways to avoid them. When you read this report you can go ahead and start your project with confidence, and the lifestyle you deserve.

If you want to know more about the report called :

“The 7 Biggest Mistakes Home Owners Make When Landscaping Their Garden.. And How to Avoid Them!”

, just fill up your email address on the right hand side of the page, and we will send it to you FREE OF CHARGE.

Until then, go spend some time in your garden!

Pierre Lodygensky

Dedicated to Improving The Outdoor Lifestyle of Home Owners Through Horticultural and Design Excellence

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